Light and assistance systems

Added comfort and more safety

The Panamera boasts a comprehensive selection of modern and innovative light and drive assistance systems, which improve both safety and comfort for the driver. The new Panamera models now have Lane Keeping Assist including road sign recognition on board as standard. Tried-and-tested light and assistance systems are additionally available as an option. These are Porsche InnoDrive including Adaptive Cruise Control, Night Vision Assist, Lane Change Assist, LED matrix headlights including PDLS Plus, Park Assist including Surround View and a head-up display.

Lane Keeping Assist including road sign recognition

Lane Keeping Assist provides protection against the vehicle unintentionally leaving its lane and can be activated between a speed range of approximately 65 km/h and 250 km/h. It provides gentle steering assistance, guiding the vehicle back into the correct lane. It is possible to optionally select an acoustic and visual warning. Road sign recognition is used to display normal speed limits, temporary speed signs as well as ‘no overtaking’ zones and indirect restrictions in the instrument cluster.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Using radar and video sensors, this system reliably regulates the distance to the vehicle in front in a speed range between 30 and 210 km/h. If necessary, the system brakes the Panamera to a standstill in the process. Courtesy of the stop-and-go function, the car drives off again automatically after a short time after braking to a standstill. The system uses the coasting function as much as possible to optimise consumption. In the first stage, adaptive cruise control outputs a visual warning. In the second stage, it issues an acoustic warning and in the third stage, the system applies pressure to the brakes if the car is approaching a vehicle ahead too quickly.

Porsche InnoDrive including Adaptive Cruise Control

Porsche InnoDrive controls the vehicle’s speed independently and predictively on the basis of highly accurate route data: the vehicle independently adapts the speed to the conditions on downhill and uphill gradients and through bends. In this process, the system’s radar video sensors detect the distance to the vehicle ahead and regulate it automatically – even when vehicles cut in from the side. Valid speed limits and their cancellation are automatically integrated into the cruise control system.

Night Vision Assist

A thermal imaging camera is used to detect persons and large wild animals at a distance of up to 300 metres and highlights them in yellow in the instrument cluster’s colour display. If these objects move into a critically close range, the marking changes from yellow to red and an acoustic warning is issued. In combination with the LED matrix headlights, the vehicle warns persons or wildlife by flashing at them three times.

Lane Change Assist

Two radar sensors are used to record the distance and speed of vehicles approaching from behind on adjacent lanes. If the speed and distance to the driver’s vehicle are deemed as critical for changing lanes, a warning is shown in the mirror finisher. The system is active at speeds from approximately 15 km/h to 250 km/h and can detect vehicles at a distance of up to 70 m away. The system also warns when turning off in urban driving.

LED matrix headlights including PDLS Plus

The LED matrix headlights generate the LED main beam by means of numerous individual diodes in combination with lenses positioned in front of them and reflectors. The camera identifies vehicles driving ahead as well as approaching vehicles and intelligently controls the main beam distribution so drivers can always benefit from the full illumination of the road without affecting other road users. The camera also recognises reflecting road signs that may dazzle drivers. These are selectively masked out.

Park Assist including Surround View

The system calculates a 360-degree view from the images of four individual cameras to help when parking and manoeuvring. The cameras are supplemented with small manoeuvring lights so that the system functions perfectly at night or in poorly lit car parks.

Head-up display

The head-up display projects all relevant driving information in high-quality and full colour directly into the driver’s line of sight. The system makes it easier to recognise all relevant displays, information and notifications more quickly and thus contributes to reducing distractions for the driver. The head-up display is discreetly integrated into the vehicle’s interior.

Comfort and infotainment