The new Panamera

Porsche Connect

Porsche Connect

Further upgrade of online services

The Porsche Communication Management system (PCM) incorporates new, digital functions and services such as upgraded Voice Pilot online voice control, Risk Radar, Radio Plusor wireless Apple® CarPlay. The range of Porsche Connect services has also been revamped and extended. In combination with standard online connectivity, the new Panamera underlines its absolute superiority in this vehicle segment.

Connect Plus

The Connect Plus module in the new Panamera extends the infotainment and connectivity system to include the following features:

  • LTE communications module with SIM card reader and integrated LTE-compatible SIM card
  • Porsche Connect App
  • Porsche Car Connect App
  • Services packages: Navigation & Infotainment package, Safety, Security & Remote functions
  • Data packages
  • Concierge service (in China only)

The LTE communication module included in the Connect Plus module with SIM card reader ensures optimum voice quality and data transmission. An LTE-compatible SIM card is integrated in the vehicle in order to use selected Porsche Connect services. The customer no longer requires their own SIM card. Customers can also optionally use their own external SIM card for data transmission with the integrated card reader. If customers use their own SIM card for making telephone calls, it offers optimised sound quality by using the external antenna.

Apple® CarPlay

Apple® CarPlay enables access to individual functions and apps on the connected iPhone® in Porsche Communication Management (PCM). In order to use Apple® CarPlay, the iPhone® is connected via the USB port in the smartphone tray or connected wirelessly. The “CarPlay” menu item can then be selected from the Home screen. Apps can be operated conveniently using the Siri® voice recognition function.

Smartphone tray with inductive charging function

Smartphones with a charging capacity of 5 watts can be charged wirelessly with the inductive charging function in the smartphone tray. It is sufficient to place the smartphone on the dedicated charging area to start charging. The inductive charging function uses the Qi standard which ensures interoperability for wireless energy transfer. This means that smartphones from different manufacturers can be used provided they support the inductive charging function.

Connect services with new functions

The Connect services contained in the Connect Plus module significantly enhance the functional scope of the new Panamera. Thanks to an online connection, up-to-date data is always available for fast route calculation, while swarm-based data enables an exchange of information between vehicles, for instance about current hazards on the selected route.

Further services and functions include the Porsche Connect App, Porsche Car Connect App, Internet radio including automatic changeover between FM/DAB/Internet radio sources, improved voice control and the finder for quickly finding navigation destinations using Car Connect services, remote functions as well as security and emergency services.

An online connection is required in order to use Connect services. This can be established with an LTE-compatible SIM card integrated in the car or a SIM card belonging to the customer.

Always the best reception with Radio Plus

A new feature in the Panamera is the ‘Radio Plus’ service, a combination of integrated Internet radio and the ‘hybrid radio’ function.

Thanks to integration of Internet radio in the PCM, drivers can now access global online channels of their favourite radio stations. The radio stations can be sorted by popularity, country, genre and language, Podcasts can also be streamed using the Internet radio.

If the terrestrial signal (FM) or the digital signal (DAB) of a radio station cannot be received due to the environmental conditions, the PCM in the new Panamera can automatically change to the relevant online radio station channel without any manual adjustment necessary thanks to the ‘hybrid radio’ function. This enables the driver to continue listening to the desired radio station via online connection. The availability of online radio station information depends on whether the radio station provides this information.

Voice Pilot with further enhanced voice recognition

With the help of the Voice Pilot already familiar from other model series, the voice control of the PCM has been extended to include online support. The recognition accuracy of the natural voice input system has been further improved for the new Panamera so that complex inputs are now also recognised and the desired interaction performed.

Communication with the vehicle can take place freely and flexibly without the need for fixed expressions thanks to the intelligent speech comprehension functionality of the Voice Pilot. For example, the air conditioning in the new Panamera can be controlled with voice commands such as ‘I’m cold’ or ‘I’m hot’. The system’s online connection always keeps the speech recognition function up-to-date and ensures natural language interaction with the driver. It also optimises voice output at the same time. The Voice Pilot is used by the Online Speech Recognition, Online Text-to-Speech, Dictation as well as speech dialogue functions for apps and services. If no data connection is available, the Voice Pilot uses the PCM (offline) voice control as a backup.

Navigation: always on the right road, whether on or offline

Route calculation by the navigation system in the new Panamera models is carried out in parallel both online as well as in the PCM. Drivers benefit here from the best of both worlds: online navigation takes into account all traffic notifications along the entire route and accesses up-to-date maps. In contrast, the PCM navigation is always available with or without an online connection. The PCM independently decides which navigation system has calculated the optimum route, but always starts with the result that was calculated fastest.

Destinations can also be conveniently created before a journey not just in the PCM but also using the Porsche Connect App or on My Porsche. Destinations are synchronised by identification with the Porsche ID.

Real-time traffic data information helps to provide a more dynamic route guidance. With this information the roads in the map view are highlighted in green, yellow or red – depending on the traffic situation. The online connection icon in the status bar informs the driver if real-time traffic data is available.

Besides the normal two-dimensional or perspective map presentation, satellite data can also be used to display aerial images of buildings, roads and premises. If available at the location, the system additionally offers a panoramic view in the detail list on the right-hand edge of the PCM once the search has been entered in the finder, so drivers can get an impression of the destination.

With the help of the ‘Personal routes’ function, the PCM can learn from frequently driven routes (at least three times) and gives the driver navigation suggestions. This predictive navigation extends the function by providing any additional traffic notifications for the relevant routes.

Online updates are used to always keep the map material up-to-date for navigation. To reduce the data volume required, only relevant changes are downloaded so that existing, up-to-date navigation maps do not need to be loaded again.

By linking vehicles, the new Panamera can make use of shared information that has been provided anonymously by other vehicles – so-called swarm data. Just like with real-time traffic data, information from the road sign recognition function is used for system optimisation. The vehicle also informs the driver about local hazards based on the available data and ensures increased safety.

The finder is the central navigation search function and can be accessed at any time using a search icon at the top of the PCM screen. Search requests can be input directly in the navigation menu using the full HD touch display or alternatively by voice command. If an online connection is available, all information is provided via the Internet so that the data is as up-to-date as possible. Users can choose between the PCM online search and a GOOGLE® search. The POIs ‘Petrol stations’ and ‘Parking spaces’ have been extended to include ‘Restaurants’, ‘Charging stations’ and ‘Hotels’. Besides detailed information such as opening times and prices, ratings for the POIs are also displayed in the PCM.

The POIs can be searched for either near the current location, along the route, at the destination or at any address. User friendliness is also improved because the POIs are integrated in the navigation menu.

Car Connect App

As previously, the Porsche Car Connect App provides access to Car Connect services. These can be used to control selected vehicle functions with the app. Security Services help to protect the vehicle against theft and to find it again if the worst happens. The emergency breakdown call and airbag alarm functions further increase safety.

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