The assistance systems

Support in all situations

The new Taycan features a host of comfort and assistance systems. They not only make the vehicle safer but also make journeys more comfortable. In addition, there are numerous sophisticated sensors that scan the environment around the vehicle using ultrasound, radar and camera systems. In combination with wireless mobile communication and a powerful central control unit, the vehicle is able to process the information provided by the sensors and assist the driver in real time.

Rear-end collision alert

Porsche presented an innovative new assistance system with the Taycan: RECAS (Rear End Collision Alert System). This actively warns the traffic behind of a potential rear-end collision. The system continuously monitors following traffic and calculates the probability of a possible collision from the vehicle’s own speed and that of traffic behind the vehicle. If this danger is detected, e.g. when approaching a traffic jam, the system automatically activates the hazard warning lights to warn traffic behind, encouraging drivers approaching the rear of the vehicle to brake.

Comfortable and efficient: Porsche InnoDrive

Porsche InnoDrive offers optimised speed control for additional comfort, higher efficiency and a driving experience typical for Porsche. Based on navigation data together with radar and video sensors, the driving speed is predictively adapted to speed limits and road topology (gradients, bends). Acceleration and deceleration (including coasting) are controlled by Porsche InnoDrive. The system's ability to anticipate distances of up to three kilometres, as well as real-time optimisation of the driving strategy, enable harmonious and efficient journeys. Porsche InnoDrive also automatically adjusts the speed to allow for bends, roundabouts and speed limits. It detects the distance to the vehicle in front and controls it even when a vehicle cuts in from the side.

The basic design of the system is engineered for maximum comfort. It optimises the driving style in order to achieve the highest possible degree of smoothness with as few acceleration and braking processes as possible. On the other hand, Porsche InnoDrive in Sport mode offers the driver the possibility of driving dynamically and yet appropriately even on unfamiliar routes. Although the driving style is then dynamic, it remains well below the vehicle's limits.

Additional functions of Porsche InnoDrive:

  • Active Lane Keeping Assist enhances the adaptive cruise control and lane keeping functions on well-developed country roads and motorways. The system takes into account traffic ahead and road markings within the system boundaries and keeps the vehicle in the middle of the lane through continuous steering interventions — including in traffic jams.
  • Swerve Assist can help the driver to steer the vehicle around an obstacle in a critical avoidance situation.
  • Intersection Assist can warn the driver (visually, acoustically and with a braking jolt) if crossing or oncoming road users are overlooked at an intersection.

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