Air conditioning

Fully automatic climate comfort

Porsche adds extra intelligence to the air-conditioning system: in the Taycan, the air vents are electrically controlled and, for the first time, integrated into the fully automatic control of the air-conditioning system. Drivers and passengers benefit from this innovative system in various ways: with the clean, louvre-less appearance of the air vents, as well as intuitive, fast operation and further improved acoustic properties.

The integration of the electric vents makes it possible to offer two automatic modes: tapping the ‘Ventilation’ button once on the centre console control panel displays the ventilation menu on the centre display. The automatic modes – ‘Focused’ for direct, fast air conditioning and ‘Diffused’ for draught-free air conditioning – can then be selected.

An Individual mode can also be selected. The airflow direction from the side and centre vents can then be adjusted individually. Individual air-conditioning preferences are stored as part of the personalisation process, allowing several users to access their own settings in the vehicle: one individual setting can be stored for each vehicle key plus a further eight for the vehicle. The desired temperatures can be selected on the touch control panel.

Operation of the air-conditioning system takes place in the background, with a feel-good climate being created more or less automatically. The driver and passengers can then focus on the driving experience.

The innovative Advanced Climate Control system is a two-zone, automatic climate-control system that comes as standard. If the Advanced Climate Control four-zone, automatic climate-control system is ordered as an option, this can be controlled in the rear via a 5.9-inch touch display. The air-conditioning modes of both seats are individually adjustable, and operation is carried out in accordance with the “Individual” mode selected at the front. Depending on the equipment, the seat heating in the rear can also be controlled via the display.

The effort Porsche developers put into climate comfort is also shown by the following detail: depending on whether the Taycan comes off the assembly line with an aluminium or glass roof, it receives specially configured software for the air conditioning system.

A heat pump is optionally available. It uses the waste heat from the powertrain to efficiently heat the vehicle interior. At outside temperatures below 20 degrees Celsius and with activated air conditioning, the heat pump helps to save energy and has a positive effect on the range.

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