Porsche Charging Planner and Porsche Intelligent Range Manager

Intelligent range optimiser

On the road, the Porsche Charging Planner (availability is country-dependent) provides highly intelligent control of the charging process when it comes to fast charging. As soon as route guidance is active, the system assists the customer to travel in a relaxed manner and without unnecessary loss of time, even over long distances.

First, the navigation system calculates the fastest or shortest route, taking into account real-time traffic information. For 2021 model year cars onwards, it is possible to enter a desired charge level at the destination. If the calculated charge level is below this target value, the Charging Planner plans charging stops so that the desired range is available at the destination.

The Charging Planner takes into account the power available at potential charging stations and the resulting charging time for the optimum charging range of up to 80 per cent. Charging stations that are not directly on the route are also taken into account. This means that stations with higher capacities can be prioritised by the system, and the overall travel time can be further optimised. The respective charging times are taken into account for specification of the arrival time.

In order to make optimum use of the available maximum charging capacity, the system also regulates the pre-conditioning of the battery in good time before the charging stop. The Charging Planner is active throughout the entire route guidance process and continuously optimises the planned route, including charging stops, taking into account real-time traffic information. The Porsche Connect package for the Taycan includes the online functionality required for the Charging Planner for three years (country-specific).

Thanks to locally stored database entries, the Charging Planner can also make recommendations for charging stops offline.

The Charging Planner is also available in the Connect app for further convenience. This makes it easy to plan a trip in advance at home and transmit it to the vehicle.

Porsche Intelligent Range Manager

As an option, the range of functions of the Charging Planner can be extended with the Porsche Intelligent Range Manager (availability is country-dependent). When route guidance is activated, the Charging Planner always acts in the background and once again optimises all the system parameters in order to achieve the shortest travel time with maximum comfort.

In the Normal, Sport, Sport Plus and Individual driving modes, the Porsche Intelligent Range Manager automatically optimises the route if the destination can be reached more quickly. It does this by making fewer charging stops while at the same time limiting the maximum speed, for example. The calculation runs automatically in the background. The alternative route is suggested for activation and can also be called up under “Alternative routes” in the Porsche Communication Management (PCM).

If the driver confirms the route, the Taycan automatically switches to the Range driving mode. In this way, routes with shorter journey times can be determined, particularly for long-distance journeys with charging stops.

In Range driving mode, the Porsche Intelligent Range Manager automatically changes the speed limit and the air-conditioning mode as required. While this allows the most economical driving possible in conjunction with the manual speed limitation and air-conditioning settings, the Porsche Intelligent Range Manager dynamically optimises the routes on the basis of routing, topography, speed and traffic information. In this way, travel time can be kept to a minimum without sacrificing comfort.

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