Porsche Vision E

Year: 2019     Devolopment stage: 1:1 hard model

Formula E is probably the most innovative racing championship in the world at the moment. In it, the technology of the future is put to the test under high-performance conditions, taken to its limits, and then tuned for power, efficiency and sustainability. Porsche is facing up to this new challenge too, and has participated in the all-electric road races since 2019. The Porsche 99X Electric joins the long line of innovative racing cars that can be described as Made in Weissach. The independently developed drivetrain could also serve as a basis for future all-electric sports cars for the race track and road.

Porsche therefore seized upon the idea of further expanding the area of customer motorsport and the idea of offering private individuals a car for the race track that would come as close as possible to a modern Formula E racer in terms of performance and driving dynamics. The Porsche Vision E has therefore been designed as a radically lightweight, single-seater race car for the race track. With its central seat position and 800-volt technology, it would without doubt offer privateer drivers an otherwise unattainable driving experience.

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