Porsche Macan Vision Safari

Year: 2013     Devolopment stage: 1:1 hard model

The Porsche Macan is at home on the world’s boulevards but, under its elegant lines, there is a proper off-roader that is just waiting to be unleashed in the dust and mud. After all, this deeply successful model does feature active all-wheel drive, a sporty dual-clutch transmission and an adaptive chassis that can be adjusted for off-road driving at the push of a button. Perhaps, the Macan is pre-destined to prove its versatility on gravel roads and rally tracks.

Inspired by the brand’s great off-road icons – the Porsche 911 Safari and the 959 Paris-Dakar – the design team in Weissach therefore fitted the Porsche Macan Vision Safari on correspondingly chunky tyres. As a sportily proportioned three-door with increased ground clearance and a hatful of rugged accessories, the sporty off-roader would be ready to leave the tarmac: ready to explore the remoter corners of East Africa or the Siberian steppe, leaving a gigantic cloud of dust in its rear-view mirror.

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